Welcome Statement from Auditor General of Zambia

The Auditor-General of Zambia has a constitutional mandate to audit all public resources in the republic and, as the supreme audit institution (SAI) of Zambia, it exists to strengthen accountability and transparency in the public sector through provision of quality audit services, thereby building public confidence.

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is the only Supreme Audit institution in Zambia mandated to audit all Government institutions, parastatal organizations, statutory boards, donor funded agencies and any other organisation in which public resources have been invested.

The Office is a public institution whose workforce upholds the following core values integrity, objectivity, professionalism, trustworthy and independence as they scrutinize the public sector of any wastage of taxpayers' money and ensure that government delivers services through its various programmes and activities in an equitable, efficient and effective manner for the benefit of all the citizenry.

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