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Human Resources and Administration

Human Resources and Administration Directorate


The main functions of the Human Resource and Administration Directorate are to effectively and efficiently provide logistical support to Directorates, manage the utilization of resources, develop and maintain an up to date human resources database in order to facilitate effective operations of the Office of the Auditor General. The Directorate is headed by a Director and comprise the following sections: –

  • Human Resource Management and Development;
  • Administration;
  • Internal Audit;
  • Public Relations and
  • Procurement and Supplies.


Human Resources Management and Development
The Section is responsible for the management and development of human resources in the Office. It is headed by a Chief Human Resources Management Officer and is sub-divided into two units namely Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development Units.

(i) Human Resources Management Unit will be responsible for: –

  • Recruitment;
  • Appointment, promotions, discipline and orientation of staff;
  • Interpretation of condition of service; and
  • General staff welfare.

The Senior Human Resource and Management Officer head the unit and is assisted by a Human Resource Management Officer.

(ii) Human Resources Development Unit is responsible for: –
Identifying and coordinating development and training programmes for all staff as well as identifying training needs and opportunities for the Office staff. The Unit shall also interprets and monitors the implementation of government policy on training.

A Senior Human Resource Development Officer heads the Unit.

The Administration Section
The section’s main responsibilities include the day-to-day general administration, registry, secretarial services, transport and maintenance, office accommodation and office superintendence, protocol and security among others. An Administrative Officer heads the Section and reports to the Director Human Resources and Administration.

  • Secretarial Services
    The Unit is responsible for rendering secretarial services in the Office. There are 30 secretarial staff comprising of an Executive Assistant to the Auditor General, 2 personal secretaries to the offices of the Deputy Auditors General. The rest are 15 stenographers and 12 typist.
  • Records Management Unit
    The Unit is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a centralized registry system in the Office. It consists of four (4) sub-units that are responsible for the custody of confidential and secret documents, audit report files, staff and other files. A Senior Registry Officer heads the unit.
  • Procurement and Supplies Unit
    The Unit handles procurement, storage and supply of stores. It is headed by Head Procurement who is supported by Senior procurement Officer, two (2) Purchasing and procurement Officers and Two (2) procurement and Supply Assistants.
  • Transport Unit
    The Unit is responsible for the management of motor vehicles in the Office. The Unit is headed by a Transport Officer.

Internal Audit Section
The section is responsible for providing assurance ad consultancy services to management on various processes and systems. It also helps an organization accomplish its objectives and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance.

The section is headed by a Senior Internal Auditor and assisted by two Internal Auditors. The head of Internal Audit reports to the Deputy Auditor General, Corporate Services Division and the Audit Committee.

Public Relations Section
The section is the office’s mouthpiece and a link between the public and office of the Auditor General. Its main duties are to inform the public and other key stakeholders on the role of the office and its activities in order to maintain mutual understanding and narrow the expectation gap. It is headed by a public Relations Officer who reports to the Deputy Auditor General, Corporate Services Divisions.